To be successful at the HRC Grand you must train on marks, marks and more marks. Not just single marks but multiple marks with real birds. At the 2005 Spring Grand, over sixteen hundred marks were thrown over 4 days through Gunners Up Launchers with 0 mechanical failures.

Gunners Up is a proud sponsor of the HRC Grand and the Official Launcher of the 2005 Spring Grand

Gunners Up; Grand Tested, Handler Approved!I have been training Labrador Retrievers since 1999 for waterfowl and upland bird hunting and AKC Hunt Tests. Because of my work schedule, I usually train alone which makes the use of remote launchers a necessity.

This winter I spent a week alongside a professional retriever trainer while he trained a multitude of dogs. He used Gunners Up Remote Launchers exclusively in his setups to throw marks and prepare these canine athletes for hunting and hunt tests. I was so impressed with how the launchers performed that I purchased two for training my own dogs. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am with your Gunners Up Remote Launchers. They perform flawlessly and make training a joy. Gunners Up Remote Launchers are the most reliable and easy to use launchers in the business.

Troy Emerson - Satisfied Gunners Up Customer


I am 77 years old and have trained my own dogs for the last twenty+ years. They all (five) had at least an AKC Senior title (one was an MH and HRCH). In addition, duck hunting is a major passion. Pounce is the first one to use Gunners Up Launchers. I have five now, use them regularly and they work flawlessly

Jim Boyer - Madison Retreiver Club


I began using Gunners Up wingers in 2003. My wingers have been used extensively since I got them. They have been hauled all over the country from South Texas to Minnesota to Oregon and have been very dependable throwing bumpers, Dokins, dead birds or flyers. They are great if you train by yourself or in a group. I don't feel that Anna and I could have qualified for the National Armature Championships in 2006 & 2007 without being able to use them.
Ken Robbins - AFC HR TexAnna Yellow Gold MH